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We are So&So marketing.

Website design, graphic design & marketing in Dorset.

Experienced, digital & print designers, affordable & realistic marketing.


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does this sound familiar?

You understand all to well that you need a website & that some marketing would help but you are too busy running your business.

You are bombarded with unbelievable offers to build your website or to buy listings in directories. 


As for social media, when do you get the time to grow an audience on Facebook or to post that informative tweet?

In any case, you don't even have the artwork for your logo...

We hear this. A lot.



solve your problem.


A fresh, vibrant, mobile friendly website.

A sparkling memorable logo, sharp advertising copy.

A dedicated team on tap whenever you need it.

Your social media ticking over.



 say hello today & discover how we can help.


your marketing made simple.


three easy steps.

Step 1.  The listening session. Tell us what you need.

Step 2.We create a custom written, affordable marketing plan.

Step 3.Execute the agreed plan, within budget & on time. 


always on hand to guide you.

Your marketing budget is precious.

Don't waste it on ugly, non-mobile optimised websites.

Your brand & image, fully realised & consistent in all forms of media outlets.

Our marketing man, Paul Oughton, will guide you through every step.

He reads & writes about this stuff everyday.


what our customers say.

"I'm very pleased with how the website turned out, I like it a lot."

Steve, J Marks & Sons Ltd, Weymouth.

website design Dorset, Hampshire & Wiltshire.

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#webdesign #marketing @soandsouk